Let’s face it, losing that extra weight can be hard. Really hard…

MK Mueller

MK Mueller

I know. I tried every diet for over 40 years and as my body turned 60 I was about to give up. If you’re like 99% of women, you’ll go on 16-20 crazy calorie-counting and point-counting diets in your lifetime and wonder why none of them keep the weight off! No wonder we want to give up.

Then one day, I found out about the lie…

I was watching the documentary FED UP, and those 90 minutes changed everything. All of a sudden I saw how addicting ALL “diet foods” were – 8 times more so than cocaine. I didn’t get depressed, I got mad. I had been tricked and I was going to take my life back from the “low-fat” foods that brought both fat and fatigue.   

I took control of my food and my life that day. Within one week:

  • My cravings for sweets completely disappeared.
  • My joint pain disappeared.
  • I got thru the day with energy to spare for the first time in years.
  • I found new ways to comfort myself without food.
  • Real food tasted good again. Really good.

I’m not saying that first week of transition was easy, because it wasn’t, but it was simple. So simple that I told everyone who remarked “how great I looked” about it. Soon they wanted me to coach them through it.

But I knew that just losing weight wasn’t enough. To help keep it off, I wrote an 8-step program based on my award-winning book, 8 to Great. Now, just one year later, we have so many success stories we’re training new coaches every month.

When you’re ready to step into the life of your dreams and your IdealWeight, we would love to accompany you on your journey. I promise, your life will never be the same.

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