My name is Becky Thomsen Shaffer

(and yes those are my pictures…)

Welcome to the first step on your journey to freedom!

Let me introduce you to 8 to Your IdealWeight,
the 8-week program that will change how you eat, how you think, and how big you dream!

I learned and lived this program for 11 months, reaching my goal weight with a release of 75 pounds. I did it without counting calories or points, with no cravings, plus it got me completely off of my sugar addiction. Along with weight, I’ve released my perfectionism, feelings of guilt, lots of clutter, blood pressure pills and so much more. Most importantly for me, my negative self talk. Instead of being my harshest critic, I have become my own best friend. I feel FREE. Having done about every program out there, and they all worked because I did them perfectly of course, not one of them taught me how to keep the weight off and it went right back on.
THIS program is the ONLY one that taught me HOW to keep it off. Now I want to coach others on this journey to have the kind of life they dream of and deserve. This simple yet powerful process turned my good life into a great life!!!
 I look forward to speaking with you!