Life Coach Certification Interest Survey


  1.  I have found myself over the years taking people under my wing and teaching them.
  2. When people come to me with problems, I feel like I want to help.
  3.  I have been told I’m a good listener.
  4. I listen to my intuition.
  5. I would like to be my own boss, even for a side business.
  6. I keep my commitments.
  7. I love learning new things.
  8. I believe that deep down everyone is good.
  9. Even though I may have strong spiritual beliefs, I don’t feel a need to change the beliefs
    of others.
  10. I am ready for a new adventure.

Finally, when considering a Life Coaching program, which of the
following are most important to you? (Select no more than five.)

I’m looking for a Certification Program that

  1. helps me find a way to help and serve others.
  2.  is affordable.
  3. fits into my busy schedule requiring no more than 4 hours/week.
  4. offers ongoing support and individualized coaching..
  5. allows me flexible scheduling
  6. offers practical skills that anyone can benefit from.
  7. connects me with like-minded people.
  8. teaches marketing skills and low key sales techniques
  9. is fun, inspiring and uplifting.
  10. helps me recover my initial investment within one year.
  11. helps me use and grow my unique talents.