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Cathy Stockwell, Certified Coach & Owner

In 2015, after years of  Yo-Yo dieting, I went looking for a weight loss program and discovered myself!  In 8 to Your IdealWeight I found a program where the focus is on REAL food – no counting calories, pills or shakes; REAL self-love – I found a dreamer, a risk-taker, someone who loves herself and easily accepts love from others; and REAL connection a certified coach, a small group and an accountability partner made all the difference. Join me in my next 8-week online class and discover how to eat to FUEL your body, not feed your EMOTIONS

Released: 45 pounds


Teresa R Getman

As the first 8 to Great Master Trainer, I knew the power of the 8 to Great PROCESS. At 318 lbs. I’d had weight loss surgery but years later was still not at goal. I stepped into the 8 to Your IdealWeight program because no matter how you lose weight, there comes a time to do your “INNER-WORK.” No matter how good the surgeon, I was the only one who could do this! I chose to GET REAL and see what was “weighing” me down and keeping me from living my one wild and precious life fully.  Now I’ve released those last 20 lbs., and gone from  frustrated to victorious. As your coach, my dream is to help you realize that today, right now, you’re enough. If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, contact me today!

Kari Silvernale 

I am so excited to share 8 to Your IdealWeight with everyone!  In a year of unknowns, quarantines, and difficulties, I made the decision to respond to  my IdealWeight Coach. I wanted something good to come out of the Covid Pandemic. I  had been receiving emails from her for years, ever since I was first introduced to the 8  to Great process at a school orientation. After attending 4 more trainings, I still felt a  burning desire to pursue 8 to Great in a bigger way. I began the 8 to Your IdealWeight process  filled with some apprehension, as I had not even read the entire book! For the first time  in my life I felt at home. I was releasing so much that had weighed me down for a  major part of my life. I am still a work in progress, at 35 pounds released. Wanting  more, I joined her 8 to Great Coach training that started 2 days later! This leap of faith  has taken me on a whirlwind journey of 8 to Great, truly life changing! I invite you to join  me as you begin your own journey, as I now share with a deep passion 8 to Your IdealWeight! Contact me for more inforamtion at [email protected] 


Kathi Oppold

I’ve been looking for a weight loss solution since I was 30, and have tried everything from counting calories and points to the penance of Paleo. In early 2016, I got serious and came across “8 to Your IdealWeight.” It was exactly what I was looking for. It’s so simple and sustainable that I can even travel with my husband with ease. Now I can fully enjoy my 7 grandchildren, volunteer work, and my new coaching career. It would be a privilege to be your coach on this life-changing journey to YOUR total wellness. Email me at [email protected].

Becky Thomsen Shaffer

Thanks to 8 to Your IdealWeight, not only have I released 75 pounds, I’ve also released perfectionism, guilt and blood pressure pills!  I’ve been on every weight loss program out there but NOT ONE taught me how to change my thinking until now. 8 to Your IdealWeight empowered me to Get Real with food, myself and others.  This 8-week process has changed my life in so many ways, mentally, physically and emotionally, that I’ve now become a Certified Coach and I love it!  I want everyone to feel the inner peace and joy  I do!  It would be an honor to share this amazing program with you as you become the happiest and healthiest you’ve ever been.
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Patty Stuever

I love being an 8 to Your IdealWeight Coach like I love my pets, helping teens, and the log cabin we bought 20 years ago. I’ve always considered myself pretty healthy, exercising almost daily. I began 8 to Your IdealWeight not to lose weight, but for healthier eating and living. Surprise! Using the 8 to Great process and the incredible support of my Coach and small group, I released 25 pounds!  When you’re ready to take back your power over food, end sugar cravings, and become the person you’ve always dreamt of email me at [email protected].


Karen Frazier Whittle

Working as an elementary principal and raising an active son have been the greatest joys in my life. Yet I found myself exhausted and grabbing food “on the run.” The result – 100 lbs. weight gain, high blood pressure, bad knees and lost confidence. Having 8 to Your IdealWeight back then would have saved me time, frustration, pain and money!  For two years I carried the last 20 stubborn pounds, yet in only 8 weeks, I’ve released the weight and so much more! Now I’ve become an 8 to Your IdealWeight and Wellness coach, so I can support your journey to positive change. Let me show you how to take back your power over sugar addiction, cravings, and body image issues. Email me and let’s get started: [email protected]

Christina Auch

8 to Your IdealWeight has changed my life!  As the mother of two active young boys and entrepreneur, this simple, straightforward process has helped me release 40 pounds and given me a fresh outlook on life. I’d be honored to guide you through the process to EnLIGHTen your mind and body and EmPOWER you to live life to its fullest. I’ll help you eliminate your sugar cravings and worry over food choices and start living your dreams again. Contact me at [email protected].  Don’t wait one more day to enjoy the rest and best of your life!

Bobbi Middleton

As a mom of three, when it came to weight I had almost thrown in the towel. I would say, “I won’t get any heavier than ____” but my 30 pounds to lose just turned into 40. I tried every deprivation diet and they all led to feeling like a failure. I was desperate to get off the diet roller coaster when I found 8 to Your IdealWeight. Without “dieting,” I have ended cravings and am calmer, happier and 40 pounds thinner. Now that I’m a Certified Coach I want to help you reconnect with your true self. Email me at: [email protected]

Martha Clarke

Martha Clarke is a new 8 to Great and 8 to your IdealWeight coach.  Martha found the 8 to IdealWeight process while searching for yet another silver bullet diet book.  Martha is an expert on many diets, but unfortunately, the track record was that the diets won and Martha didn’t lose….That’s when she realized what her heart knew, diets don’t work and the weight gain and subsequent weight loss/release is an inside job.  Inside our heads and hearts.  Martha is still working the plan, and is a work in progress, but there is now a process by which she knows how to win. 

Mary Beth Helgens

I’ve been a licensed WellCoach for over 15 years, and I love helping my clients create their dream life! When I found 8 to Your IdealWeight, I knew it was the most comprehensive program available. I’ve now released 20 pounds and inspired my daughter to do the same! I am thrilled to help women release hundreds of unwanted pounds each session! Come join me and live the life of your dreams!
Email me:  [email protected]